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Premium Cedar Fencing
There are many different styles of fencing and material types. The most common are Wood, Metal and Chain Link. However wood fencing is the most commonly requested material type, wood fencing offers security and beauty in a wide range of styles to compliment any home and can be very affordable.  Our most popular style is the solid board fence, though many clients seem to like our custom designed fence as well. With any home construction project, building a quality fence requires careful planning. The more work you put in on the front end, the more smoothly your fence installation will go. It’s important to choose a reliable contractor who builds high-quality cedar fences. Professional cedar fence installation should be quick, non-invasive and affordable, so do some research before deciding on a company. We offer several fencing options designed for any budget. Our quality installers take pride in their work and it shows.

Standard Cedar Fence


Solid Style
cedar fencing is an excellent fence providing security for children, pets and back yard belongings. Relax with the privacy a "solid style" fence provides. Cedar boards are mounted side-by-side with a minimal gap between them to allow for expansion and contraction. This cedar fence has a nice clean, solid look. You have several options when choosing this style of fence. Dog-earing the top of the boards, gothic topping the top of the boards or applying a 2”x 4” or 2”x 6” cedar cap. The 2”x 6” cap is most commonly used with the 4”x 4” pressure treated posts, set two feet deep with concrete.





Natural Oils
Have you ever noticed that unique smell around cedar furniture? That’s because the natural oils contained inside cedar actually act as a preservative, contributing to a long life and enabling remarkable resistance to rot and decay.

In fact, cedar oil acts as a natural insect repellent against pests, including moths and mosquitoes. Because it’s so effective against pests, you can even create your own insect repellent using cedar oil as a base ingredient. This is why cedar has historically been the top material used in building closets, chests and storage compartments.

Dimensional Stability
A key reason cedar wood is repeatedly singled out as prime fencing material is its dimensional stability. Cedar boards have twice the stability of other softwoods, making them pliable and easy to work with, yet strong and resilient under prolonged exposure to the elements. In fact, cedar fencing features 80% of the strength of oak, but at a much lighter weight.

Decorative Cedar Fence

  A very decorative fence, stylish and elegant. Constructed with "good neighbor" or "solid style", the Decorative Cedar Fence will greatly enhance the beauty of any home.  When choosing this style of fence, there are several options starting with the post. The most popular is the 5”x 5” fir pressure treated post for its longevity and tendency to remain straight and true. Sacrificing longevity for beauty may occur if cedar posts are used. The cedar fence boards can be installed on one side as with the Solid Style Fence or alternating on each side as with the Good Neighbor Fence. Whichever style is chosen, the Decorative Cedar Fence will greatly enhance the look and value of your property 





Even with proper maintenance, many wood fences still need to be replaced over time. WESTERN RED Cedar is different.  It has the ability to expand and contract with no warping or cracking, it’s an extremely versatile material. Western Red is one of the few cedar fences that can maintain its position for years without problems.

Any cedar fence will require regular maintenance throughout its lifetime, but there are things you can do to reduce the natural wear and tear that’s bound to occur. Choose high-quality materials. Treat your fence with weather-resistant finish. Regular restaining every few years will help protect your fence for years to come.


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